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START - a clinical research study of thymoglobulin to arrest type 1 diabetes

START photoRecently diagnosed with type1 diabetes?
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START | learning
Recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? It’s not all bad news. It is likely that you still have millions of insulin-producing beta cells still at work.
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START | the trial
Your beta cells are precious. START aims to prevent further destruction of the ones that remain at the time of diagnosis to try to stop your diabetes from developing further.
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START | participating
START is for individuals 12-35 years old who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes within the past 3 months. Find out if you or your child may be eligible.
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Recruitment is now closed.

For information on additional ITN trials for people recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, please visit:

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Immune Tolerance Network logo START is being conducted by the Immune Tolerance Network and is sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, with support from the NIDDK and JDRF. Additional in-kind support has been generously provided by LifeScan, Inc.



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